Monster Moves

Monster Moves

Production company: Windfall Films
Broadcaster: Five / Discovery / National Geographic
Length: 8 X 60 mins
Genre: Documentary
TX: 2005, 2007

Dir: Various


A bunch of big blokes in hard hats and bad t-shirts move enormous buildings and structures hundreds of miles from one location to the other. They have lots of problems on the way but they finally get the job done. Most times.

Score notes:

The score to most of this series was nothing too groundbreaking in my book. We had originally tried a lot of very interesting quirky ideas but they didn't really fit how the show turned out. So we ended up with a lot of 'perilous' music throughout the series. However for a particular episode the director had asked me to write a musical number for the end, which was really quite an odd idea, considering the type of show it is. I thought he was mad and that no po-faced TV exec would ever let it happen so I sort of went along with it. 'Great idea' I said (which it was), but honestly I never expected it to happen. But it did. Wow. We recorded a song with the church's 40 strong choir in the US and recorded some bits of orchestra in Prague and a band in London, stuck it all together with a lot of audio sellotape and came up with this. Anyone who saw this on TV will probably never forget it. Infact The Guardian's TV reviewer even commented:

“At last, something beautiful on television, and who'd have thought it would have come in the shape of Monster Moves?”

The upshot of this is they now want a song and dance number for the end of every show in the next series. Don't they know how horribly time consuming and complicated these things are?