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Released July 2007
1812 Recordings

Artist: The Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra


TVPOPMUZIK is a collection of tunes taken from the past 10 years of TV stuff I've done. While a lot of this work has been very varied TVPOPMUZIK concentrates on the tracks that, like great pop music, I felt were a bit more disposable, silly and catchy. These were the tracks that I felt were possibly the most unique. It is definitely a very odd record. But I thought it was better to make an album that didn't really fit into any category than one that just sounded like everything else. I wanted to show the weird kind of music I have been trying to make that has somehow found its way into millions of homes on a weekly basis that most people probably don't even notice. I have no idea if anyone else apart from me will be into it but I hope they are.

The album features turntablists scratching up military band records, kazoos, a massive string section, old Gibson guitars, whistling, extreme auto tune, cellos, punk drum kits, synthesized choirs, rulers, my mouth, beatboxing, crazy keyboard solos, ambient washes, trumpets, kitchen utensils, sampled classical records, accordions, parrot noises, bits of metal I recorded on a farm in France, Icelandic vocalists, a folk band, a cardboard box, farfisa organs, a grand piano, a badly recorded ukulele and a lot more silly noises.

It is available at most digital stores like iTunes from 18 June 2007. A CD, featuring beautiful packaging by the fantastic designer James Joyce, will be in the shops from 2 July 2007.

Here's some things people have said about it:

'The modern musical maverick of British TV - ****'
Record Collector

"Glorious.. electronica with a heart, a soul and an absurd, very British sense of humour"
One Week To Live

"Daniel has a terrific ear.. the start of what promises to be a very impressive career"
David Arnold (Casino Royale, Independence Day)


  1. Introduction: Over The Top
  2. Metal Swing Sing Sing
  3. Cuban Peacock
  4. Leaders Of Men (Bad Lads Army)
  5. Foxy Cat (Theme From Starkey's Last Word)
  6. J'adore Sophie Calle (Art Safari)
  7. Messabout (Bad Lads Army)
  8. The Stempington Stomp (Theme From Suburban Shootout)
  9. Through Clouds
  10. Pacific Drift
  11. The Ruler Clown (That'll Teach Em)
  12. The Bells Of Doom (Theme From Hells Kitchen)
  13. Sugar Drum Scary (Hells Kitchen)
  14. Regency Punk
  15. From Fiji With Love (Theme From Love Island)
  16. The Appliance Of Science (That'll Teach Em)
  17. Slinky 'N' Sneaky (Bad Lads Army)
  18. Camelica Exotica
  19. The Plan (Return Of The Chef)
  20. Pip Pop Plop (Original Theme From Peep Show)
  21. Back To School (That'll Teach Em)


Daniel Pemberton is the sound of TV now. It seems that whenever I watch the goggle box, Daniel's kooky sounds are dancing their way into my ears. This is no mean feat. As far as I remember Daniel is self taught, has no formal musical training and is therefore quite obviously an annoyingly talented bastard. But his is no ordinary talent - he has a strange knack of finding just the right instruments to make music from at just the right time; sometimes it's an old drainpipe, sometimes it's a bendy ruler, and then the next week it could well be the City of Prague Philharmonic. Well whatever it is he uses the sounds he produces usually work wonders, which is why TV companies keep coming back to him and asking for more. There is no doubt in my mind that Daniel Pemberton's music is the entertaining and catchy sound of your TV today, a bit like the genius Sydney Dale was in the mid 1960s. And no one bought his records either.
Jonny Trunk 2007

Album notes:

All music written, produced and performed with love by Daniel Pemberton.

All instruments and objects played by Daniel except: Trumpet - Robbie Robson (Track 4), Turntables - Brian Maiden (Track 1 + 4), Additional Beatbox - Wayne Murray (Track 1), Psychoguitarsolo - Simon Hopkins (Track 8), String Section - City Of Prague Philharmonic (Track 10), Cello - Katie Wright (Track 14), Drums - TTVK (Track 14), Violin - Emma Smith (Track 14). 'The Plan' (Track 19) was performed by The Backgammon Club.

Recorded at Daniel Pemberton Private Studio, London.

Mastered by Gareth Williams.

Artwork and design by James Joyce / www.one-fine-day.com

Antique guitars courtesy of Ben Speed Guitar Hire.

Tip top tech courtesy of the wonderful Antony Connor at Yellow Technology.

Go visit the website for free stuff: www.danielpemberton.com


All the zillions of directors, editors, execs and assorted TV people who have given me the free rein to do whatever I wanted on their shows. There are, fortunately for me, far too many of you to mention. You know who you are. You allow me to be one of the luckiest boys in town. Thank you.

My family for never hassling me to get a 'real job' and helping me buy my first keyboard for my 12th birthday - the mighty Yamaha PSS-780 (RIP).

Dan and all at the Darling Department, Harry at SRD and Jonny Trunk of world famous Trunk Records.

Every other composer who writes music that makes me think 'Damn - that's really good! I wish I'd done that!' We need more of you.

Extra special thank you to Paul Wilmshurst for being the first one to believe in me and get the whole ball rolling.

And of course, you, whoever, is reading this. Your interest in weird and bizarre music will make the world a better place. Long may it continue.