Yes this is obviously the world's least updated website ever. Since the previous posts were made in the last decade here's a few more bits of vaguely up to date news. Look for a whole new re-hauled website sometime soon. Possibly. Click on the show titles for videos and things like that. Very clever. Or go to my Twitter page for the latest stuff.


The Awakening

Earlier in 2011 I finished the score to Nick Murphy's fantastic debut feature film THE AWAKENING. The soundtrack was recorded at Abbey Road One and includes a 50+ orchestra, the Crouch End Festival Chorus, recorders, marxophones, boy sopranos and even time-stretched swanny whistles. It's a beautifully rich, epic and emotional film, which is hopefully reflected in the score. The movie was made by StudioCanal, BBC Film and Origin Pictures. It stars Rebecca Hall (Frost/Nixon), Dominic West (The Wire) and Imelda Staunton (Harry Potter).

The soundtrack album is released by 1812 Recordings on digital formats and Screamworks for physical.


Ghost Recon

I recently worked on the highly anticipated film version of GHOST RECON: ALPHA. Based on the Ubisoft videogame this live action short-form movie was directed by Oscar winning duo Francois Alaux and Herve De Crecy (Logorama), edited by Oscar winning editor Pietro Scalia (Gladiator) and scored by non-Oscar winning me. Due for release in 2012. Not allowed to say anything else yet but it's pretty epic and features a very cool cameo. Full orchestral/electronic hybrid score recorded at Air Lyndhurst earlier in the year.


Enemies Of The People

I wrote the music for this very powerful and personal documentary feature film. ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE tells the story of Cambodian investigative journalist Thet Sambeth's lifelong quest to reveal the brutal truth of the Khmer Rouges actions. As well as making it to the final 10 shortlist for the Oscars this acclaimed movie has since gone on to win countless awards including the Special Jury Prize at the 2010 Sundance Festival.


Upstairs Downstairs

So as usual I've done a zillion TV shows over the past few years. Links to clips on the titles. More notable projects include the BBC's new version of UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS, the multi-BAFTA award winning Iraq war drama OCCUPATION starring James Nesbit (The Hobbit) and Stephen Graham (Public Enemies), DESPERATE ROMANTICS (erm also starring a bunch of people from The Hobbit), Martin Amis' 80's homage MONEY starring Nick Frost (Shaun Of The Dead) and Vincent Kartheiser (Mad Men) and Douglas Adams' DIRK GENTLY with Stephen Mangan (Green Wing).


Despite refusing to go on Facebook I am now on TWITTER. It is updated much more regularly than this that's for sure.


Other projects include music for the second biggest selling Xbox 360 game (with over 10 million copies!) of all time - KINECT ADVENTURES, producing Afro-cover versions of pop hits in GHANA, more work on the legendary videogame LITTLE BIG PLANET 2, a soundtrack for British artist Gillian Wearing's first feature film SELF MADE, a variety of musical art installations, fashion projects, iPhone apps, Peter Molyneux's sadly abandoned Milo project and a bunch of other things I probably can't remember.


There have been a lot of albums of my music released over the past few years. You can get virtually all of them on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. They include the soundtracks to UPSTAIRS DOWNSTAIRS, DESPERATE ROMANTICS, THE AWAKENING, ATTILA THE HUN, NAPOLEON and THE HAUNTED AIRMAN. There are also a number of new albums by The Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra including my music from LittleBigPlanet: LITTLE BIG MUSIC, , MONSTER MOVES: SONGS+SOUNDS, KINECT ADVENTURES and the original TVPOPMUZIK album.


The journalist and writer Paul Morley did a really great interview with me about my TV work for The Guardian and ThinkWorkPlay did a video piece on my rather chaotic working practices.


So I've won a few awards recently including the prestigious IVOR NOVELLO for Best Television Soundtrack for DESPERATE ROMANTICS and the French award the Fipa Gold D'Or Grand Prize for OCCUPATION. Also a couple of BAFTA nominations for work on LITTLEBIGPLANET and THE MOVIES videogames. Nice!


If you use library or production music you can now get tons and tons of my stuff (over 500+ tracks) on Universal Publishing Production Music. Go check it out!

Little Big Planet


Daniel has written the main theme and a load of other music for the new Playstation3 game Little Big Planet which is already being hailed as one of the most important videogames of this decade. Praise, all due of course, thanks to the music. Really. Anyway the score is a mish mash of wierdy sounds, Optigan auto-rhythms, Mellotron choirs, vibrophones and twangy guitars.

All Daniel's tracks, and some others that didn't make it into the final game, should be getting a release around mid December on the album “Little Big Music - Musical Oddities From And Influenced By Little Big Planet” via 1812 Recordings. Keep your eyes peeled here, or on itunes for more details...


Lots of projects in 2008. All the music to the awesome BBC Iraq war drama series 10 Days To War (two episodes of which were written one handed due to a bike accident) which starred Kenneth Branagh, Tom Conti, Juliet Stevenson, Toby Jones and Art Malik. Scores to everything from gritty BBC1 cop drama Kiss Of Death (starring CSI's Louise Lombard and Danny Dyer) to ITV chrimbo family film Clash Of The Santas (with Robson Green and Mark Benton - you know, the fat bloke in the Nationwide adverts).

More crazy Monster Moves songs, this time featuring the 120 strong Crouch End Festival Chorus on choral duties singing about Canadian submarines and towns paved with gold. Another ITV drama, Whatever It Takes, a modern day morality tale about the rise and fall of a glamour model penned by Paula Milne. Super sci-fi synthy action with Clone, the new BBC3 comedy series from the producer of Friends (Adam Chase) and The Office (Ash Atalla). A fair sprinkling of cookery stuff (Marco's British Feast, Great British Menu, What To Eat Now), some one off docs (Ninety Naps A Day, The Lost World Of Communism) and an award winning short film (Factory Farmed) too.

Other oddness includes doing the music for Cacharel's 50th Anniversary catwalk show in Paris and writing all the music for the new Nokia phone and a secret album project that is still, obviously, rather secret. Wowzers.


Channel 4 recently did a profile on Daniel as part of their 4Talent strand. You can watch it by clicking here.


The theme tune to the new BBC sci-fi comedy series Clone is now available on iTunes.


2007 saw a huge number of drama projects completed by Daniel. As well as finishing his first film score, for the European diamond heist movie 'Big Kiss' starring Billy Zane (Titanic, Dead Calm), he also provided additional music for Nick Broomfield's upcoming feature 'Battle For Haditha'.

For television he completed two epic orchestral scores for the BBC1 films 'Napoleon' and 'Attila The Hun', both utilising a full 70 piece orchestra. 'Napoleon', starring Tom Burke and Rob Brydon had a grand Beethoven-influenced score while 'Attila' (pictured above) utilised a more unconventional series of sounds - dulcimers, eastern singers, ouds and shawm - alongside it's orchestral template.

Daniel also scored the acclaimed drama 'The Yellow House' (Talkback/Channel 4) starring John Simm (Life On Mars) and John Lynch (Bleak House) retelling the turbulent times when the artists Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Gaugain lived together in France and had premieres for his scores to the RTS winning 'Forgiven', a moving and controversial look at the effects of a father's child abuse on his family (Betty/Channel 4) and 'Richard Is My Boyfriend' (Windfall Films/Channel 4), an innovative drama looking at relationships amongst those with mental disability.

Alongside this he also scored the second series of quirky comedy series 'Surburban Shootout' (Feelgood/Five) starring Anna Chancellor (Four Weddings And A Funeral), 'Shit Club' a one off comedy show from the makers of Look Around You and created all the music for new and returning reality series such as Hells Kitchen, Grandad's Back In Business, Great British Menu and Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Less conventional projects include writing music for the turning on of the Regent Street Christmas Lights, a sound installation for the V&A's Christmas tree and a nine minute composition for designers Boudicca's first couture show during Paris couture week. Oh, and putting out TVPOPMUZIK, an album of his more silly TV music.


The site now has a radio player that should pop up on this page. If it doesn't you may have pop-up windows turned off. Just turn them back on and reload the page to get it to function.


TVPOPMUZIK, the album of reworked and remixed music from the past 10 years of TV soundtracks is out online and in record stores everywhere right now. It features music from TV shows you might know - Hells Kitchen, Peep Show, Bad Lads Army, That'll Teach 'Em, Love Island, Suburban Shootout - and lots more you probably don't.

More information, track listing, sleeve notes and other stuff here and on the Twitter page.

Reaction to TVPOPMUZIK so far:

“An utterly bizarre, addictive album - a mainstay on the office stereo ever since it's first spin.”
FACT Magazine

“The modern musical maverick of British TV”
Record Collector

“Daniel Pemberton is the composing cross-breed of John Barry and DJ Shadow.”
The London Paper

“The hole on our lives is now filled at last.. a proper pop album!”

“Strange and glorious.. electronica with a heart, a soul and an absurd, very British sense of humour.”
One Week To Live

“A British Danny Elfman”
HMV Choice

“Band Of The Day”
The Guardian

“TVPOPMUZIK is mucho fun! - 4/5”

“TVPOPMUZIK is one of those albums that when you play it, your mates will go nuts trying to remember where the f*&% they heard each track. And this will make you feel very, very superior to them.”
Clash Magazine

“I thoroughly recommend it!”
Fyfe Guillemot (The Guillemots)

“Daniel has a terrific ear.. the start of what promises to be a very impressive career.”
David Arnold (Composer - James Bond, Independence Day)


The Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra have recently been written about in a number of places. Here's some of the articles that you can access online:

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The designers Boudicca have recently put a number of their fashion shows, scored by Daniel, online. You can download the entire soundtrack of their recent Paris couture collection here.


Hiroshima was recently voted the winner of 'Best International Documentary' at the EMMY awards in the US.


The album featuring music from the six-part family adventure series Prehistoric Park is finally complete. Featuring the 70 piece City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and innovative electronic sound design work the entire soundtrack is now available to download on iTunes.